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Zine - M-E


  1. After his first appearance on Row Records earlier this year Zine is back with his five track debut EP on a fresh conceptual imprint which focusses on releasing mini albums. 'M-E' is a journey from repetitive ambient textures to chord driven house excursions and saturated sampler jams.
  2. Issue 0: Ceci n'est pas () Labeled Issue 0 because it's a blueprint of sorts, a short tester zine where I worked out the ideas I wanted to explore with F.E.M.M.E. and the thinkers I thought could help me do so (read: lots of Audre Lorde quotes).
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  4. Each zine has a loose theme that emerges as I am putting it together, and while each issue varies a bit tonally, stylistically, or both, F.E.M.M.E. generally features writing and images on queer identity-making.
  5. Here is a long list of non-comprehensive links to old school and new school fanzines, most of them free, published as PDFs and in print. If you know of some that I haven't included here, please email them to me at mwschmeer (atty-at) gmail (dotty-dot) com.
  6. To celebrate the Year of the Dog event release today, here are previews for this year’s zine! We’re super excited to showcase everyone’s hard work. Each artist’s zine submission has 1 piece of art depicting a Lunar New Year tradition and a text blurb to accompany it!
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  8. Dolce Vandela in Small Foreplay Basic Clips. This one is really a shorter version of some of our latest small passions videos. Dolce and you are at the Sdult Convention and you really want to have sex with.

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